Out from the Weirdish Wild

Thesis Director: Carolyn Hembree
Committee Members: John Gery and Kay Murphy
MFA Thesis, ScholarWorks@UNO, University of New Orleans, Dec 2023

9 pm, A Networking Event for Young Neurotypicals

2023 Sublingua Prize for Poetry, Inverted Syntax, Anniversary Issue 5
Poem, Finalist, December 2023

“At the Holiday Inn”

2023 Andrea Saunders Gereighty Award for Academy of American Poets 
Poem, Honorable Mention

“Holdin’ Sharpness”

2023 UNO Vassar Miller Award, Ellipsis, Volume 49 
Poem, Honorable Mention

Lost Southern Night Song

Beyond Queer Words Anthology: A Collection of Poems, February 2023 Edition
Poem, February 2023


For the Eleventh MRI: Breathing” and “After Four Discectomies
  • UNO Vassar Miller Poetry Award, Ellipsis, Volume 48
  • 2 Poems, 2022 Winner, June 2022
2020: After Six Months in Quarantine,” “When the Bird House Burns,” and “After Rejecting Four Phone Calls…
  • Ellipsis, Volume 47,
  • 3 Poems, June 2022


Impregnated Conversations
  • Backchannels Journal, Edition 9, Summer 2021
  • Poem, July 2021
Tres Historias
  • Humble Pie, Volume 18, Spring 2021
  • Poem, March 2021


Using Thoreau to Teach Tangibly; Scaffolding Philosophy with Analogy and Natural Imagery
  • Thoreau Society Bulletin, Issue 301, Spring 2018
  • Essay, March 2018
“The Efficacy of Paperless Instruction versus Paper-based Instruction on the Retention of Application-based Grammar Skills”
  • Klein Independent School District and the University of Texas at Tyler
  • Research Study, May 2017

Poetry SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jessica-bowdoin-675734399

Photography and Poetry Announcements